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in stock Primula Modern Motion Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Backrest



  • Chaise Lounge Chair
  • Adjustable Headrests
  • Plush Cushions and Armrests
  • Classical Tufted Backrest & Armrest Design
  • Detailed Stitching Throughout Motion Sectional
  • Decorative Pillows are Not Included,  Click Here to Purchase.



Estimated delivery time 2-6 weeks

The beautiful Primula Modern Motion Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Backrest is a one-of-a-kind modern centerpiece that will make any home shine. This tufted sectional features a chaise sofa, along with easy-to-use adjustable headrests. The appealing style combines with compact sizing to create a stunning mini couch or mini sofa you can move from room to room. This lounge furniture piece can be made out of both fabric or leather, from a tufted sectional sofa to a tufted leather couch.

A wonderful small corner couch that can be customized. From sizing, both big and small to fit any home to being, to the layout of a left chaise sectional, right chaise sectional, or even a double chaise lounge. A double chaise sofa is essentially where this leather couch with chaise becomes a modern leather couch with two chaise lounge chairs on each end of the tufted couch. Introducing MoFit Home and our Modern Motion Furniture Collection. Sit back and relax on this small leather sectional. Sink into this deep sofa, the perfect small leather couch when you are tight on space and do not want to sacrifice comfort. The plush couch cushions and armrests are intricately designed to make this lounge sofa tufted in design. A classical design that spans from the tufted backrest to the tufted armrest. Details stitching can be seen throughout this motion sectional.

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