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Gerberas Modern Motion Sectional Sofa with Power Reclining Backrest



  • Modular Sectional Sofa
  • Easy to Configure Power Motion Backrests
  • Adjustable Headrests and Armrests
  • Modern Console Table with Storage, Power Outlets, and USB Ports
  • Pulled-Back Double Cushion Backrest

The Gerberas Modern Motion Sectional Sofa with Power Reclining Backrest. This reclining sectional features easy-to-configure power motion backrests. Use the conveniently placed power buttons to move the backrest of this leather reclining sectional forward or backward. Find your most comfortable relaxation posture! This sectional couch with recliner is a one-of-a-kind modern recliner, different from the standard power reclining sectional.

The adjustable headrests and armrests, along with the modular configuration make this modern recliner sofa easy to move and shape to match your home and your preferred relaxation posture. Don't forget the add-on modern console table! Have easy access to storage, outlets, and USB ports. This modern leather recliner can also become a fabric reclining sectional with your choice of material and color. A unique modern reclining sectional that is a perfect fit for any home! From MoFit Home to you.



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