At Mofit, we want to ensure top-quality customer service and satisfaction on all orders, which is why when an issue arises, we will do our best to find an appropriate resolution. All information relevant to any claim can be found in this Claim Policy (hereafter known as “Policy”).



Proof of Delivery; delivery receipt

Sectional Dust (Cambric) Cover

The fabric cover underneath a sectional


Additional monetary compensation



  • Claim forms must be received (with all relevant information) within forty-eight (48) hours from the date you receive your order; the claim process will begin as soon as you finish filing your form
  • Any damage to the packaging needs to be noted on the POD upon delivery
  • Any additional information requested by Mofit representatives must be submitted within seventy-two (72) hours from the date of the request
  • It may take up to two (2) weeks days for an initial response from the Mofit Claims Department and thirty (30) business days for a resolution
  • If a customer does not properly submit all required documentation, their claim may be delayed or closed entirely
  • Only one (1) claim form per order will be accepted
  • Claims with more than one offer will not be processed until all proposed offers are accepted concurrently
  • If a customer does not respond to an offer after seven (7) business days from the date the offer was made, the customer will be given, via email, an additional five (5) business days to respond before the offer expires and the claim is closed
  • Expired offers are not eligible for further assessment
  • All offers are strictly determined by the carrier and the Mofit Claims Department; offers include uplifts (monetary compensation), repairs, and/or replacements
  • Mofit reserves the right to offer one resolution type in lieu of another
  • Omitted information will not be factored into the claim after the 24-hour and 72-hour (if applicable) timeline
  • Closed claims are final and cannot be reopened for further negotiation
  • Any item with concealed damage (i.e., any non-exposed damage) may, if the damage does not affect the product’s functionality, be resolved with an uplift in place of repairs; unless previously agreed upon, repairs for torn fabric pieces underneath a sectional (i.e., dust covers that are not visible) will NOT be repaired or installed by Mofit or third-party contractors
  • Replacement parts such as legs, glass panels, or other accessories will NOT be installed by Mofit or any third-party contractor; customers may locate contractors or companies to perform the installations


  1. Go here to fill out the claim form
  2. Follow the video and steps for uploading photos and descriptive details of all damaged or missing items
  3. Submit your claim

Mofit requires the following information to accompany all submitted claims:

  • Far-view photos of the entire product
  • Close-up photos of the damaged areas
  • Photos of the packaging(including the pallets on which the order arrived)
  • A detailed description of the damaged or missing items
  • A POD with information declaring damaged or missing items


Required Documentation & Process

Response Time Frame

Claim Form

24 Hours

Additional Documentation (if requested)

72 Hours

Claims Department Initial Assessment

14 Business Days

Claims Department Final Assessment

30 Business Days



In accordance with our company policy, all Mofit representatives responsible for the quality assurance of each order are NOT to dismantle the packaging or remove any items from their pallets; it is the duty of a Mofit Shipping Department representative to inspect all warehouse deliveries for cracks, rips, tears, or any prominent damage to the external packaging and pallets before relaying each order to its respective third-party carrier. Upon delivery, customers are expected to examine their items and notate the proper information as mentioned in the email templates and on the Policy page. Any damaged or misplaced item that falls within the parameters of this Policy will either be repaired, replaced, or compensated at Mofit’s discretion.


Claim Issue

Damage Percentage

Resolution Type

Dents, Scuffs, Marks, Tears, Holes, Rips


Uplift or Credit

Unusable Furniture or Accessories


Replacement or Uplift

Damage to Removable Sectional Parts (e.g., legs, pillows, headrests, etc.)



Damage to Cambric Covers



Missing Items


Replacement or Uplift



If a claim is approved, a Mofit representative will contact the customer to confirm the appropriate uplifts, repairs, or replacements according to the particular specifications provided by the customer during the claim process. Customers will be notified of approved claims via email. Once a claim has been approved and processed, the claim will be closed, and no further action regarding additional uplifts, repairs, or replacements will be possible. Upon approval of a claim, customers are given a time frame of five (5business days from the date of the approval email to confirm, in writing, any repairs, replacements, and/or uplifts offered to them by a Mofit Claims Department representative. If no written confirmation is received by the fifth (5th) business day from the date of the claim approval email, Mofit retains the right to close the claim and deny any repairs, replacements, and/or uplifts. offers simultaneously; or 5. Once a claim is resolved, it is categorized as “closed.” All resolved claims will not be reopened for negotiation.


Mofit reserves the right to deny a claim based on any of the following reasons:

  • The claim form was not (properly) submitted during the 24-hour time period
  • Essential information was not noted on the POD
  • The damage was caused by the customer
  • A customer declines an offer that is commensurate with the replacement, repair, or uplift offered by Mofit
  • A customer does not accept all offers concurrently
  • The Mofit Claims Department is unable to confirm closure of a claim with a customer
  • Damage incurred from the use of boxcutters, Exacto knives, or other sharp objects used in the dismantling of your order’s packaging
  • Claims derived from intentional or accidental rips, tears, or other damage resulting from improper use of sharp dismantling tools

Mofit does not offer repair services or installations for any removable parts such as legs, dust (cambric) covers, or headrests, or pillow covers. If a claim has been denied, the claim will be closed, and no further action regarding additional uplifts, repairs, or replacements will be possible. Furthermore, if a customer is unable to accept a proposed resolution (i.e., if a customer continually declines an offer for repairs, replacements, gift cards, or uplifts), Mofit reserves the right to close the claim. Once a claim is closed, it is no longer eligible for review, and any proposed resolution will not be considered. Keep in mind that excessive shipment delays do not qualify for the claim process. Delivery times vary according to a variety of factors, many of which are beyond the scope of Mofit’s control. Custom-made orders take approximately 12–16 weeks for manufacturing and delivery, while in-stock purchases may take 1–3 weeks.

For general delivery information, please visit our Shipping Policy page. Replacement parts that are unavailable at the time of a claim must be specially ordered. Ordered parts could take 12–16 weeks for delivery. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, any on-hand replacement parts will be sent to the same shipping address used for that customer’s final delivery; however, confirmation of an address may be required prior to shipment.


Customers are not to dismantle the packaging or remove the contents from the pallets without first examining and notating any damage on the POD. Declared damage on the POD applies to the packaging (including the pallets) and contents. Any damage not noted on the POD will be assumed to have occurred after delivery—no noted information will entail a “clean delivery.” Please retain all packaging (e.g., pallets, boxes, bubble wrap, etc.). Ample evidence of damaged or missing items is required to properly analyze and process a claim, so be sure to include as many pictures and descriptive details as possible when filling out your claim form. Claims are resolved on a case-to-case basis. Information provided to the Claims Department does not automatically guarantee approval of a claim. Proper claim submissions will help minimize delays throughout the claim process. Note: Be sure to carefully remove all contents from their packaging. Upon signing the POD, each customer attests to the following:

  • If external damage is prominently visible, the information is to be placed, by the customer, on the POD
  • If no damage was noted on the POD during or after the final delivery, then the customer validates that there was no prominently visible damage to the packaging (including the pallets)
  • The customer affirms that the order was not removed from the pallet(s) prior to completion of the delivery process, and that photos of the pallet(s) and the packaging were taken PRIOR TO dismantling the packaging
  • The customer acknowledges receipt and acceptance of all emails relating to the POD and other key order, packaging, and pallet inspection details before, during, and after the final delivery process
  • The customer has followed the policies set forth on Mofit’s Claim Policy and Shipping Policy pages; freight charges are determined for any refused or unauthorized shipments and do not constitute a viable claim


Claims must be submitted within 48 hours from the date you receive your delivery. Mofit cannot guarantee resolution of claims submitted after the 24-hour window. While our goal is to ensure that all claims are resolved within thirty (30) business days from the date they are filed, keep in mind a fixed time frame for approved or denied claims is not guaranteed. The Claims Department may request additional information, which MUST be submitted within seventy-two (72) hours from the date you receive a follow-up response from a Mofit representative. If no further photos, videos, or documents are submitted, the claim will NOT be accepted. We at Mofit work vigorously with the carrier to find an appropriate resolution according to the viability and validity of each claim. Please keep in mind that “Unusable items” fall into two categories: products that have been damaged beyond repair (e.g., unrepairable or irreplaceable electronics, or items that cannot be used for the purpose for which they were intended). For these items, Mofit will offer the option of uplifts or replacement pieces.

You may reach out to us at (702) 405-7071 with any questions or follow-up information regarding your claim. For more information regarding repairs or replacements, please see our Warranty Policy page.